The New Look Of Down

The New Look Of Down

The SVALBARD parka is made with a recycled wool / cashmere material from Fortex (Italy) and Poly Viscose fabric from Majocchi (Italy). Both fabrics have a breathable membrane bonded on the backside that makes it wind and waterproof.

As the name indicates, this jacket is made for the coldest winter!

It is filled with THIN DOWN, which is real re-invented down made as a fabric layer instead of putting down into small square chambers. No quilting needed. No cold spots.

This gives you maximum warmth – without bulking up the parka. Due to the breathable lining, you can still use this jacket when it is 0 degrees. In other words, this jacket regulates the temperature much better than normal down jackets, where the down is put in plastic and has no breathability.

This jacket is suitable in temperatures from 0 to -25 degrees C, or even colder if you layer up underneath.

The SVALBARD is tested by the JL team in -25 degrees C, only wearing a t-shirt underneath and standing still for 30 minutes… no problem!

The test was carried out in JL´s laboratory, the outdoors of Trondheim, Norway!