The love story



John Vinnem established JOHNNYLOVE in 2006, out of love for fabrics and tailored silhouettes. His driving force is to give people the joy of feeling sharp in their in everyday life!

Living way up north, the need to stay warm and dry often contradict dressing for style. John wanted to merge the two. Drawing inspiration from both streetwear and classic pieces, John creates clothes that can be worn in a range of settings. John thinks of clothes as a way of framing a person, and he loves working with the fit, volume and details to achieve just that.

At JOHNNYYLOVE, we have had to ask ourselves whether we can still speak of love and joy in relation to clothes- when the fashion industry is deemed the second most polluting industry in the world, and overconsumption leads to landfills of unwanted garments.

Our answer is yes- love is more important then ever! A shift towards a sustainable society means accepting to use less resources, less energy. For fashion it means buying less clothes- and using them longer.  Therefore, the simple mission of JOHNNYLOVE remains to make your favorite clothes, in a quality that makes them last. The clothes you want to wear again and again- clothes worthy of your love!

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