The benefits of our mohair

The benefits of OUR Mohair Knitwear

JOHNNYLOVE ́s colorful mohair sweaters are made from a premium quality “superkid mohair yarn”, spun by the famous spinner Lineapiu in Italy.

Pilling free and do not loose hair

This excellent long staple yarn does not shed, leaving no hair onto other products. This is ensured by the extra long mohair fibers twisted in the yarn, which also makes it pilling free.


Retains its shape and color over time

Mohair is elastic with fibres that can be twisted and shaped without being damaged. Our mix of yarns twisted together creates a high quality and long lasting knitwear. All our mohair knitwear are pre-washed and can safely be washed, using your regular wool program.

Itch free 

The fibres of mohair have fewer scales on the external layer than regular sheep wool. This makes Mohair extremely soft, and therefore itch free.

It regulates your body temperature

Mohair is insulating without absorbing heat, helping you regulate your body temperature. Unwanted odours are avoided thanks to its natural anti-bacterial properties, and it will wick away moisture from your body to keep you feeling fresh and warm.

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