Fashion With Function: Materials & Performance

Fashion With Function: Materials & Performance

JOHNNYLOVE hails from Trondheim, Norway. This remote Nordic area is known for its rough weather with lots of rainfall and winds, and a long snowy winter. Hence one of our apparent strengths is outerwear.

The Norwegians are passionate about their outerwear, and demands clothes that are both warm, comfortable and fashionable.

JOHNNYLOVE’s focus will always be design. Keeping that in mind we constantly push the limits to make the garments as functional and versatile as possible. This pursuit of fashionable functionality has made us team up with some of the most forward-thinking Italian mills. The materials we present enable us to combine top level functionality with an uncompromising fashion mindset.


Our cotton and wool outerwear fabrics have added water resistance due to a particular finishing on the materials, applied by way of nano technology. The fabric is coated with dense silica particles that make water form droplets – thus repelling the water, and preventing it to soak the material.

The silica nano coating gives the garment good water and stain resistance while keeping the fabric breathable. The finishing does not affect the feel or look of the fabric.


Our technical fabrics are laminated with a waterproof membrane on the backside of the fabric. This makes the garments waterproof for everyday purposes.

The breathable membrane that is bonded to the main material is made from recycled polyester. This process does not affect the look or feel of the outer material, which maintains the elegant feel and look that we always seek. Garments with membrane bonding can withstand heavy showers.