We believe in being decent! Both at Johnnylove and through-out the supply chain, people should be assured a fair pay and good working conditions.

For the raw-material suppliers, we rely on the certifications such as GOTS (global organic textile standard) for organic cotton, or RMS (responsible mohair standard) for mohair yarn. These certifications include requirements for wages and working conditions for workers associated with the farms. This is particularly important because raw materials tend to come from areas where workers rights can be weak.

We have made the choice not to work with very large factories, and we also do not produce in countries known to have child labour.

For now we produce outerwear, knitwear, pants, shirts and dresses in Romania, with fabrics and yarns from mills in Italy and Portugal. We produce t-shirts in Portugal, with fabrics from Portugal. We also produce outerwear in China, with fabrics from China.

Our bigger mills/factories are either ISO8000 certified, or have external assessment of the work conditions, for instance through Intertek. Factories that are GOTS certified must also comply with the criteria for workers-rights/social rights.

For the stitching or knitting, we use some smaller factories, and these cannot always afford certifications, even if they still comply with the standards. All factories that do not have a certification or external assessment, have been visited by us.

We are building long-term personal relationships with mills and productions factories, and we get to know them quite well. We follow up the certifications of our producers once a year.


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